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  • Nathan92366 days ago

    This song breaks my heart.
  • Ann Marie197510 days ago
    Wow! What a happy finger snappin song! Great video too! Made me smile, thank you so much Nathan. And Thanksgiving was great.
  • Ann Marie197511 days ago
    Thank you Nathan. Loved the videos! The first was oh so true, funny and kinda sad at the same time. Kids don't know what they're missin do they. The second one....happy feet all the way lol. Was great!!! Almost the weekend, hope yours is wonderful.
  • Killing.It15 days ago
    here is a country song that i do really love! Sorry I am not that into Country but for a few.. this is one of them..
  • Killing.It15 days ago
    Ty for adding me. I feel Special
    Love love and love your Blogs first of all, LOVE YOUR Humour secondly and for the 3rd one, you are just totally a awesome. A super guy indeed. Hugs and have yourself a great safe week and stay warm.. Oh wait, your in Canada (get the 20 pairs of pants, 10 pairs of mitts and as many Jackets you can get on lol, you're good! ha ha lol
  • Killing.It18 days ago Good morning gorg!! I am wishing you a great awesome Day. Hugs and smooches.
  • Ann Marie197535 days ago
    Hi Nathan, Thank you for the kind words and great video. Hope the next big one has your name on it!
  • averageoleme56 days ago
  • averageoleme56 days ago
    Happy Thanksgiving
  • Nathan9236118 days ago
    THE MORE I'M AROUND SOME PEOPLE. I seem to be understanding this song more and more just lately.

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