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     Have you all noticed this thing the movie industry has been doing with this gender flipping of charactors in movies.   Well they are at it again.  I saw the trailer for the new Cats movie.   They have gender flipped old deuteronomy.   In this new one the role will be played by a woman.   There are others Captain Marval was casted as a woman, and even Disney is getting into the act.   On an episode of Ravens Home that aired this year the coach a large african american man wrote a play about his life.   It told how he went from being a jokey to a basketball star on an all boys basket ball team.  In their rediclous attempt to come off as in favor of equil rights, instead of casting an aftican american boy in the role the story had the coach deside to cast Tess in the lead.  For any of you who have seen the show Tess is a very gifted basketball player and wrapper.   So the took the part of an african american boy and gave it to a girl who is not african american.
     I reallllllly think a better way to balance the scales in these movies and shows IS NOT TO FLIP THE GENDER IN THE LEADS.   I think what they need to do is to start writing strong female leads in all new movies.   Let's be honest here men and women are not intercxhangable, and we should not pretend they cxan be substituted back and forth.  So  now not only are we not supposed to see colors, but now we are not supposed to see sex either.   OK lets say I buy that idea for a minute.  WHY DO THEY NOT CAST MEN IN ANY OF THE ROLES THAT WERE WRITTEN FOR STRONG WOMEN?  For example when do they plan to come out with  WONDER MAN?    Is that not the next step to totally ruining all the movies and charactors we grew up with?
     People we all need to take a step back and let the guys play the roles that were written for guys and the girls play the ones that were written for girls.   You want women to have stronger roles FINE write them for them. DO NOT take the ones away form the male actors that were written for men.  OR COULD IT BE THAT PEOPLE ARE RUNNING OUT OF NEW IDEAS?