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     Did you ever have one of those days when you feel like it does not matter what you do it will be wrong?    I have had one of those.   Started yesterday morning when I was woke up by the sound of my phone trying to ring.   I say trying to ring , because it had been half out of order for 2 days.   It was the phone company telling me they would finally be working on the line.   I also had to get some blood work done at 11 am, and I messed that up.  I had blood work from 2 different doctors one was non fasting and the other was fasting. I did not know I was to fast for the one and got them both at the same time.  I will need to call the doctor today and see if he wants me to get the fasting ones done over. My computer that I have had less then a month is being stupid.  It acts like I have a software conflict somewhere.  If I have the new external drive I got for Christmas plugged in it will not let me delete anything from the desk top recycling bin and even the company does not know why.   Their best advice is to reformat it. Which means I will lose the data I have on it, and need to recompile it.
     Then I was talking to some people tonight and upset one of them without even trying.   All I can do is hope tomorrow is gonna be better.